Hospital Project Consultancy

We align our goals with that of our clients and provide them with comprehensive insights to help them build their dream hospital

Project Report

While Applying for a financial loan a Project Report needs to be submitted to the Financial Institution. Important segments needed for the Project report are as follows

1. Vision & mission statement of hospital.

2. Forecast of hospital bed occupancy, departmental expansion & addition.

3. Details of services to be provided by hospital.

4. Forecast of income and expenditure, Break even analysis, sensitivity analysis etc.

5. Overall budget forecasts for the project.

If you would like to know more, please download the Project Report given in this section 


Project Report

Architectural Plan

Architectural Plan for a hospital is a unique project. It includes, 

1. Floor Planning

2. Planning and Coordination with Electrical, Air-conditioning, Plumbing and Fire Fighting Consultants

3. Planning Medical Gas Pipeline and drafting drawings with Architect

4. Providing guidelines for Atomic Energy Regulation Board (AERB) and other key Regulations
5. Environmental Planning for medical equipment includes electrical, air-conditioning, UPS, IT network

Equipment Planning & Procurement

Finding what Management expects from the upcoming project and accordingly planning the purchases which fit in the given budget is a time consuming task. With our expertise you would know exactly which equipment you should buy and what your budget should be

1. Furnishing details of required Medical Equipment, suitable brands, models as per requirement of Hospital Management.

2. Furnishing electrical, UPS, IT and architectural requirements for the project.

3. Negotiating with suppliers in lieu of Hospital Management for medical  equipment procurement.

Project Management & Co-ordination

Project Management & Co-ordination

Project Management not only includes co-ordinating with the builder & architect at the time of construction, but also it includes co-ordination at the time of installation of the equipment.

1. Co-ordinate the actual installation of medical equipment

2. A team will be assigned at actual project site of Hospital and provide assistance in implementation of Project

Our Engagements

St. Paul's Hospital Ethiopia

First International project. Provided operational efficiency solutions to one of the biggest hospitals in Ethiopia.

Symbiosis Hospital Pune

Provided Solutions for Workspace Planning, Medical Equipment Procurement and Installation of the same


Bharati Hospital and Research centre Pune

Provided solutions to improve operational efficiency



Jamdar Hospital, Jabalpur

Finalized clinical branches and prepared project report which included break even analysis, feasibility analysis and comprehensive CMA data

Shraddha Hospital Solapur

Provided Architectural planning, Project planning, Project financing, Equipment Procurement and Installation and all the work related to MEP

Vivekananda Hospital and Research Centre, Latur

Implemented e-tendering process for Medical Equipment Procurement funded by Central and State Government.