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Alternating Pressure Air Mattress

Alternating Pressure Air Mattress prevents and helps to cure bed sores for ICU patients.

It prevents the skin of bedridden patients from rubbing to the bed and causing skin diseases. The quality of this mattress is very premium and well suitable for patients.

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DVT Sleeves Manufacturers | DVT Sleeves in India

Sequential Sleeves

Discover the finest selection of DVT sleeves in India with Codexgpo.
Looking for reliable DVT sleeves manufacturers in India? Look no further than Codexgpo.

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Intermittent DVT Pump

Koleno 900 Intermittent DVT Pump

Intermittent Pump

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Intermittent DVT Sleeves

Intermittant Sleeves


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Sequential DVT Pump

Koleno 900 SQ Sequential DVT Pump

Sequential Pump

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