What happens in a Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

  • Knee Cartilage is worn out because of old age, trauma or genetic disorders
  • This worn out surface is removed with saws and drills
  • The underlying spongy and porous bone is called cancellous bone
  • The cut bone surface is thoroughly cleaned
  • Bone Cement is applied
  • Metal implants are fixed

Use of Pulse Lavage:

Pulse Lavage is an important equipment used to prepare bone bed before orthopedic cementing during arthroplasty. It has been proven to increase cement penetration into the bone thus ensuring fixation strength leading to longer survival of implants.


    • Koleno DVT System is easy to use, single button operation
    • Lightweight pump with detachable hooks to hang on the bedside
    • Easy push-to-click connectors
    • Pressure set at a standard 40 mmHg
    • Single chamber Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) sleeves
    • Pump compatible with all 3 types of sleeves; Calf, Thigh and Foot
    • Special provision for foot sleeve with a dedicated button.
    • Pressure for foot sleeve set at a standard 120 mmHg
    • Audio visual alarm incase of loose connections or leakage in sleeves
    • Sweat and moisture absorbent sleeves
    • Velcro system in sleeves ensures perfect fit while serving all sizes from 18 inch to 22 inches

Up to 15 PSI

Pulse Rate

1500-1700 cycles/min

High Speed Flow Rate

1000 ml/min

Low Speed Flow Rate

700 ml/min

Tube Length

3 meters


10.5V / AA Alkaline Batteries x 7 cells

Shelf Life

3 years

Pulse Lavage Brochure

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